Outsourced Accounting Services

At The Strategic CFO™, we have provided financial advisory and consulting services for over 20 years. We have also coached accountants to become financial leaders and shape financial statements to result in a profit.
How Does The Strategic CFO™ Provide Outsourced Accounting Services?
Our strategic direction for companies worldwide includes those that are financially distressed and need consulting to guide them, since many never have had any financial statements. These outsourced services are also ideal for clients that are not yet ready to have their own accounting department. So, what do you receive from outsourced accounting services? Timely and accurate financials, a trustworthy team of professionals, and a full spectrum of financial management.
Assistance with payroll, bill payments, time tracking, and expenses.

Since many companies (especially small businesses) have an issue with cashflow, The Strategic CFO follows cash management policies along with cash flow forecasting tools. We get in front of and prevent any cash flow problems for our clients with our best practices in advanced bookkeeping solutions that cover billing, collections, and expense management.

As fraud and non-compliance can be debilitating to businesses, The Strategic CFO provides a separation of duties and the assurance that our policies and procedures will reduce the risk of fraud.

One of the main complaints we hear from CEOs is that they do not have enough business intelligence to make strong, strategic decisions. The Strategic CFO provides each client with reliable and timely month-end reports. These include financials, scorecards, and KPIs. With these tools, CEOs and other decision-makers can drive growth and increase profits.

Consulting Services Offered


Strategic CFO™ Financial Leadership Workshop
The Art of the CFO®


September 12-15th 2022