Strategic Pricing Model

Make Sure Your Profitable With Every Product/Service You Sell With Our Strategic Pricing Model

Determine the profitability of individual products or services down to the net income level with The Strategic CFO™ Strategic Pricing Model. Follow this guide to ensure that your company’s pricing generates sufficient profits.

What The Strategic Pricing Model Includes:
Excel Spreadsheet
Strategic Pricing Model Guide

PLUS an opportunity to join our exclusive SCFO Lab – the premier financial leadership training platform with over 19 execution plans just like this Strategic Pricing Model.

What To Expect From The Strategic Pricing

Plug-In Possibilities

With The Strategic CFO's "Pricing for Profit Inspection Guide," you've probably identified areas of improvement in your company's pricing. After inputting your company's key financial data into the Strategic Pricing Model, you can plug-in various products & services and measure the profitability of those sales.

Create Resources For Others

Now that you're aware of pricing factors that are affecting net income, you'll need to make some changes. Compile the Strategic Pricing Model and other useful tools for the sales department to ensure any change is hassle-free for them.

Go Make It Happen

Implementing change in your company might start with you, but you'll more than likely need the buy-in from others in your company. With the data you'll have from the Strategic Pricing Model, you'll be able to easily communicate the value in any changes.

“The Strategic CFO™ course has given me real-life applicable tools that we now use in our day-to-day operations and help us manage our business…”
Maxx Burrows
President (Former CFO) at Bludworth Marine
Consider All Costs

Consider All Costs

Read through our “Pricing for Profit Inspection Guide” and areas of improvement at your company. Consider all costs when setting your prices, not just COGS.

Take Control

Use the Strategic Pricing Model to take control over prices set by your sales force. You will also be able to calculate the products and services that are enhancing profitability.

Increase Financial Performance

Project your liquidity to make sure you won’t run out of cash. Keep track of change over time through financial reporting and review your results for future action.

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